Aim's Part in the 9/11 Twin Towers Claims Investigations History...

Since the year 1994- Aim Principals, Fredrick Akin, et al have been involved in investigations, insurance adjusting and claims determination. Mr. Akin and his group worked with the Federal District Courts through insurers and TPA's to determine the validity of claims surrounding the September 11, 2001 New York - Twin Tower claims. Mr. Akin's company sifted through the thousands of claims to make sure the deserving parties were appropriately compensated. As a direct result of their work, most of the "9/11" claims were finally determined and settled in 2005-2008.

Aim Adjusting (formally USCD) and it's parent company, Aim Investigations, LLC are headquartered in Missouri and operate in several other states. When there is any kind of suspected fraud and/or victims of fraud, Aim Adjusting can handle the intricate cases. Aim Adjusting and Aim Investigations can handle the job, from investigating a simple car wreck to a complicated financial banking fraud and international fraud ring.

Note: While working on the 9/11 claims, we understood the gravity of our undertaking. Not for one single moment did we ever forget about the brave souls lost in 9/11. We worked many hours late and around the clock seven days a week to make sure the families of the first responders lost were compensated as soon as possible. God bless those lost in that tragedy and the love ones they left behind. We worked at a reduced rate as our contribution to those lost and the families they left behind.