Whether you are a dealer or finance company, for cars, boats or recreational vehicles... we can help locate and recover your assets. Our beat is the Portland, Oregon - Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas for one hundred miles.

Our prices are reasonable for recovery. We have been very successful at recovering many higher dollar exotic sports cars. We have been instrumental in recovering many grey market Ferrari vehicles circulated into the states from Europe and other countries for insurance companies like Lloyds of London and others.

No fee if we don't recover your asset...
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A sample of the vehicles we have recovered:

Chevelle SS
Camaro SS
ZR1 Corvette
ZL1 Camaro
Ferrari F40
Ferrari 348
Ferrari 308GT
Ferrari Spider
Ferrari Mondial
Land Rover
Range Rover

NOTE: If you would like to engage our recovery services, please download our fillable WORD FORMAT Hold Harmless Form on our fillable forms link and fax it to us at 844-301-1010 or email. When we receive your request we will email back a confirmation and any pricing considerations. The minimum charge for vehicles found on a hot sheet is $1,500 per vehicle plus towing charges.