Aim Investigations National Searches- Medical Canvass Searches

Medical Check / Canvassing Analysts

Aim Investigations team members are responsible for conducting specified medical facility Canvasses. With many seasoned Medical Canvassing Analysts on staff (and growing), Aim Investigations Medical Check/Canvassing Department is currently one of the largest Medical Canvass operation in the country. All members of this industry leading team participate in continual training associated with medical record keeping standards, legal & ethical codes of conduct and on-going technical proficiency centered around Aim Investigations'  proprietary software.

Our Medical Canvasses can be conducted anywhere in the nation and can be beneficial in many ways.

They can help you:

· Identify and defend against possible insurance fraud.

· Verify treatment and confirm the alleged date of injury.

· Assess if an injury is truly related to the claim.

· Discover previous treatment for a similar injury.

· Determine if the claimant has a history of prior claims.

· Equip you with the knowledge of where and when the claimant has been treated, which can be especially useful in a deposition.

· Bring to light treatment in another geographic locations.

· Dispute the extent of the injury.

· Locate the claimant’s primary care physician.

· Confirm gym and sports club memberships.

· Uncover addictions or drug-seeking behavior with a pharmacy canvass, or even by searching substance abuse counselors and treatment centers.

· Determine whether the claimant has a history of depression, anxiety or sleep disorders by requesting a canvass of pharmacies and/or sleep testing centers.

· Substantiate or disprove the claimant's complaints and treatment history.

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